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April Goodwin-Gill

Author & Army Veteran

Comedian April Goodwin has been writing and performing for over 30 years.  Her love for the arts started back in high school when she sang with The Madrigals. She has since discovered that not only can she create beautiful painted works of art, her artwork has placed repeatedly in first place in competitions across the country. She has taken her art to new heights with the use of environment friendly options for canvas, but it doesnt stop there. She makes beautiful jewelry out of recycled material,  in an effort to do her part in saving the environment. She has written and performed in plays throughout her career and is very active in the VA's Performing Arts  Festival.  This triple threat rounds out her talents with the ability to use her voice to sing songs.  A proud veteran, April loves participating in Veteran programs, like Uniting Us, that teaches Veterans how to heal through the arts. 

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I Am! I Can! I Will!

A My Future's So Bright Journal

From the My Future's So Bright, I Have To Wear Shades series of books, comes a journal for your future difference maker! The I Am! I Can! I Will! journal includes daily prompts and words that promote joy, gratitude, confidence, and hope. Created by military veteran and award-winning artist April Goodwin-Gill, this journal seeks to help children develop a habit for journaling and the confidence needed for self expression. This journal will take your cool kid on a 30 day sun filled journey toward positive habits that encourage your child to express their thoughts and feelings. Filled with fun and repeated daily prompts, your child has 12 new ways to open up about their day and how they felt about it.

MY FUTUREsobrightteefinal-3.jpg
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