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Yuvonne Balentine-Harris

Author & Army Veteran

Yuvonne Balentine-Harris is the creator of the Adventures of Chloe Crumblebean book series and founder of C&G Imagination Playhouse, the premier entertainment company for teaching virtue to children in a fun way. Her latest book, He's Still God: Keeping The Faith Through the Storm, has been highly anticipated. Yuvonne Balentine-Harris is a proud Army veteran and a dedicated deacon at her church. Her love of children spills over into teaching Sunday school, playing with her grandchildren, and reading to the children she wrote her books for. As a widow she is no stranger to tragedy. It's this that drives her passion about the healing journey and God’s presence through it all. She is a trained Grief Share facilitator and serves everyone with compassion and care. Yuvonne Balentine-Harris resides in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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He's Still God

Keeping The Faith Through The Storm

Have you found yourself struggling with faith? Or perhaps forgetting that not only does God have a plan for you, but that plan is still on track even after let downs and delays? Well, you’re not alone. There are also so many examples in the bible of people who needed to remember that nothing has caught God by surprise. This 30-day devotional journal will lead you right to the feet of the Father, with scriptures, prayers, and a space for your heart’s expression.

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